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License: Return Of The Living Dead
Size: 1/6 scale / Approximately 6.5" tall (dog 3.5")


  • Trick or Treat Studios is proud to present the officially licensed, The Return of the Living Dead - 245 Trioxin Barrel Set.
  • This set is a fun stand-alone and a perfect display accessory for the 1:6 scale Tarman figure (sold separately).
  • Carefully open the lid of the lost military barrel and find Tarman trapped inside. Turn the knob on the side to switch between the safely encased Tarman face and his face once he is awakened!
  • Arrives in a beautiful collector's box.
  • Sculpted by Andy Manoloff & Alexander Ray.

Return Of The Living Dead Figures - 1/6 Scale Tarman Barrel Accessory Set

SKU: TT281305
Expected to ship by the end of April 2024
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