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Return Of The Living Dead Figures - 1/6 Scale Tarman

License: Return Of The Living Dead
Size: 1/6 scale / 12" tall Approx.


  • Trick or Treat Studios and Living Dead Media are proud to present the official Return of the Living Dead Tarman 1:6 Scale Action Figure!
  • This amazing figure was sculpted from the ground up by Alex Ray and Justin Mabry to give the most movie-accurate look possible. The figure features different materials and finishes to really capture that perfect gooey fresh from the barrel zombie look.
  • Figure measures approximately 12" and includes 2 interchangeable heads and a brain. And to round the package out, the figure comes in a beautiful Collectors Box with a flip-back window display.
  • The "BRAINS" head option is inspired by the first time we meet Tarman as he calls for Tina’s "BRAINS!", during this scene Tarman was depicted by a puppet with a slightly different look than the costume version of the character.
  • The "MORE BRAINS" head is inspired by the scene where the group unknowingly encounters Tarman (depicted by a costumed actor) in the basement as they go to help Tina. Tarman exclaims “MORE BRAINS!” after making a snack out of Suicide.
  • Keep an eye out for the accessory set featuring split dog, Trioxin barrel, and basement backdrop coming soon!

Return Of The Living Dead Figures - 1/6 Scale Tarman

SKU: TT039976
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