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TMNT Ultimates Donatello Action Figure

The pizza party continues with the TMNT Ultimates Donatello 7-Inch Action Figure! Complete with amazing accessories, this super-articulated TMNT Donatello action figure is ready for action - or ready to be posed on your desk. The TMNT Donatello 7-inch figure comes packed with extra accessories including alternate head and hands, his trusty communicator, and the classic weapon rack including kama, turtle fist daggers, bo staff, and ninja stars. Ages 14 and up.

UPC:840049811829Package Weight (pounds):1.35Package Length (inches):10Package Width (inches):9Package Height (inches):3Package Cubic Feet:0.16Package Dimensional Weight:1.94Carton Weight (pounds):12.4Carton Length (inches):19Carton Width (inches):16Carton Height (inches):11.5Carton Cubic Feet:2.11Carton Dimensional Weight:26.24Country of Origin:ChinaAge:14+Gender:Male

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates Donatello 7-Inch Act

SKU: SUP81182
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