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Masters Of The Universe Playsets - MOTU Origins - Castle Grayskull

License: Masters Of The Universe
Size:  5.5" scale.


  • Large Castle Grayskull is a thrilling MOTU playset for fans who love to play out Masters of the Universe adventures!
  • Exciting diorama style set folds out to reveal four rooms - so much space for creativity and adventure And fans will love the working elevator and trap door!
  • Fits all 5.5" Origins figures and comes with a special edition Sorceress figure unique to this playset.
  • Includes multiple accessories, so Masters of the Universe will have all the supplies they need to craft countless tales of the battle between good and evil!
  • Authentically designed playset stays true to the traditions of this thrilling action and adventure franchise.
  • A great gift for MOTU fans ages 6 years old and up who love action and adventure.


 Packed 1 per case.

MOTU Origins - Castle Grayskull

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