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DC Blue Beetle Movie Blue Beetle 12-Inch Statue


From the Blue Beetle movie comes this Blue Beetle 12-Inch Statue. The Blue Beetle 12-Inch Statue features a precise sculpt and accurate details from the film. He is perched on a detailed base with his metallic, alien exo-skeleton ready to strike. Blue Beetle includes a collectible art card with character art on the front, and character biography on the back.

The first in his family to graduate college, Jaime Reyes harbors dreams of law school, but instead is conflicted in the face of threats to his home and misfortunes befalling his family. When he becomes symbiotically connected to an ancient alien biotechnology, Jaime is bestowed with almighty but unpredictable powers, leading him to fulfill his destiny and become a new generation of the Super Hero: Blue Beetle. Ages 12 and up.

DC Blue Beetle Movie Blue Beetle 12-Inch Statue

SKU: MF15573
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